Information technologies have the potential to transform economies and society, recognizes the 2015 Global Information Technology Report; however, many nations fail to implement basic reforms that stimulate the growth of competitive IT markets.

Singapore is at the top of the ranking countries prepared in information and communication technologies to increase both competitiveness and well-being. Up to place 38, of 148, Chile is located as the best positioned Latin American nation that uses IT to boost socio-economic development. Mexico is ranked 69th, rising ten positions over last year and beating countries like Brazil and Argentina.

The penetration of information technologies in mexican companies has been slow; but in the last five years it has had an important advance. The ability to innovate is, within the business field, the category with the most encouraging growth trend.

The benefit of incorporating IT into business has exceeded the cost of its implementation, says Miguel Ángel Montalvo Vivanco, coordinator of the Academy of Electronic Commerce at the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes.

Montalvo Vivanco listed the five advantages of implementing information technologies in a company:

  1. Optimization of resources and time.
  2. Omnipresence, be located in a physical place and be able to market worldwide
  3. Customer segmentation and better interaction with the consumer
  4. Greater advertising impact and market penetration
  5. Secure commerce, electronic commerce continues to be consolidated for its ease, reliability and operability

Approximately 10% of the budget of medium and large companies goes to the acquisition, maintenance and innovation in IT. The sectors that have taken advantage of technological growth are: travel agencies, consumer electronics and clothing.

The specialist acknowledged that SMEs are still behind, so it is necessary to promote incentives that involve them more.

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