Tailor made solutions.

Contact Center / Call Center Solutions

Customer service

We deliver the client a unique experience of attention with the primary objective of solving the needs of the client in the first call with the best quality indices of the market.

Client recovery in overdue portfolio, rescuing that income and keep your clients satisfied.

Growth services
We serve directly with effective media, contacting your potential customers helping to market your services or products.

Specialized technical support
People who understand the technology assigned to your project to provide value solutions appropriate to your service through different channels (Phone, Chat, Mail, among others)

We increase your customer base
(Leads Generation)
We help you to access new markets, in order to increase the perspective of your business.

Quality perception
We want your customers to be satisfied by applying personalized surveys to know their opinion about your products and services.

Solutions supported by new technologies

SMS messages
We convert a message into a direct interaction quickly and efficiently, resulting in a high reception of these messages.

Social media
We optimize social media strategies to turn opportunities into an effective business.

CRM / Developments
We generate capture systems that facilitate the management of your customers and prospects, as well as process improvement.

We generate calls from prospects through voice messages recorded using the best technologies.

Wi Contact
We are the first Contact Center in Latin America to develop our own platform based on IP technology.

Online chat
We make it so interactions become unique experiences, achieving a closer and more direct communication when using the online chat service.

Consulting solutions

MDY best practices
Increased productivity and profitability for your company, by applying the best practices we have developed since 1997.

Operation and Technology
We design your operations and technology strategy with the objective of creating improvement plans focused on efficiency.

Quality and training
We ensure that your requirements and standards are met through the best processes in search of excellence.

We generate services, technological and strategic value generating solutions, higher income and an excellent experience to be your allies.

We improve your market’s interaction through chat, email, voice, or directly interacting one by one in social networks.

Cloud storage
Your information securely in the cloud, solving the times and limitations with the agents in an efficient and simplified way, paying only what you use.

Wi Contact is a Contact Center Suite capable of adapting to all of your client’s needs, through multiple interactions of different service channels. Among its main features are:

CRM Dynamic
It allows to manage forms differentiated by campaigns which work under typing and / or different fields conditions (Text Box, Date, etc.)

Process calls through RSDI, SIP, IAX, DAHDI links
It allows to process and interact with multiple means of phone communication, RSDI, Digital Cards, Voice over IP (VoIP), SIP or IAX Protocol, using codec such as G711, G729.

Recording calls on request
Functionality most used in sales campaigns, data validation where the customer must authorize the acquisition of a service and / or the purchase of some good or service. These recordings can be assigned a label.

Progressive, Predictive, and Preview Dialing
The platform has 3 dialing algorithms that provide the capabilities that your outgoing sales or telemarketing campaigns need to be highly efficient and profitable.

Custom Reports
It allows you to prepare multiple reports of connections, calls, advisor times, specific statistics of your campaigns, whether Inbound and Outbound.