There are currently several strategies to boost business, to choose the most effective we will have to define the most complex metrics, comments and the most appropriate way to define real metrics such as leads generated, conversion to customers and income produced.

Resorting to social networks, for example, has been one of the most used strategies in recent years. There are hundreds of businesses that, although they have a relatively interesting presence in social networks, do not quite know for what or why they do what they do.

In this regard, Omar Carrión, Integrated Marketing Communications Latin American Director of Kellogg’s, points out that it is important to listen to consumers to generate better content that makes products attractive

“Kellogg’s has 100 years presenting its products, but the question would be: How do we make it so that this product that has had few changes in this time is an attractive element of consumption for social network users?”, he said.

The executive said the US firm implemented a program called The Kube, a tool that allows you to make your way of doing business more successful through social networks.

In addition, the content generated by the networks has allowed the system to respond to the resolution of a crisis in less than an hour and respond to customer concerns. The Kube monitors all brands of the food firm in real time and it has reached 286 million people and generates attractive content for 24 of the company’s Facebook accounts and for the five general Twitter accounts.

“What we do at Kellogg’s is that our content is more important for people, than for the brand itself”, said the executive for Kellogg’s Latin America.

According to the latest Twitter and Facebook reports, they point out that users who are part of the community almost reach 3 billion users on the internet (Facebook with 1 billion and Twitter with 1 billion).

The scope that social networks have for the sale of products are increasingly escalating in the taste and comforts of consumers. Such is the case of Instagram that applies a test function that will allow you to buy products just by clicking on the photo.

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